Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shri Shukta

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Shri Shuktam

'Om Hiranyavarnaam harineem suvarnarajatsrajaam Chandraam hiranyamayeem Lakshmeem Jaat Vedo Ma Aa Vaho.'

Lakshmi is invoked in the hymn Shri Shukta or Shree Sukta of the Rig veda. She is described as the goddess of opulence with richness in feminine form, with beauty, clothes and jewellery. Her image is full of grace and her adornment of red saree, gold, and precious stones fills us with aspirations to reflect in her blessings.

The hymn, dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi describes her as glittering as the moon. Seated on a lotus, her skin also like the lotus and she wears a garland of the Lotus. Her ornaments are of gold and silver, and she bestows upon her devotees fame, prosperity and abundant food. 

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