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Diwali Puja - 13th November 2012


Diwali is the very famous annual festival celebrated in most Hindu homes. During the Amavasya night, in the month of Kartik, one prays to Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi for wealth and prosperity. Deepavali is a 5 day festival.
  • Dhanteras (Kuber, Dhanvantri)
  • Narak Chaturdashi (Varun, Yam)
  • Deepavali (Ganesh, Ma Lakshmi)
  • Govardhan Puja (Govardhan, all Gods)
  • Bhai Dooj (Yam)
To receive money, prosperity, health, wealth, and respect - To get rid of poverty and destroy every misery - To prevent and overcome loans - To be prosperous in one's job and business - To have the wealth of children and grand children --- One prays to Ganesh and Lakshmi on Deepavali night.

Deepavali night is extremely powerful for praying for wealth and prosperity. Today Ganesh and Lakshmi are prayed together. The prayer of these two deities in combined form is extremely important.

Ganesh is 'Vighna Vinayak' or Ganesh is the one who gets rid of every obstacle and is the great God of Wisdom.

Lakshmi is the Goddess of happiness, wealth, and prosperity.

It is believed wealth and money are represented through one who has wisdom. One who is wise is the true and rightful guardian and holder of riches and prosperity. Fools squander and waste whatever they have. Without wisdom, one cannot gather and hold wealth.

Deepavali Night - One prays to Lord Ganesh first and then to Ma Lakshmi. This is also the festival of right knowledge and wisdom leading to permanence in wealth. Knowledge, Wisdom, Respect, Humbleness, Hardwork, Dharma - are the qualities that attract and retain prosperity. Fools will receive wealth and respect but will lose it quickly. Wise people, on the other hand, will hold even the most 'chanchal' or frolicking Lakshmi.

 Diwali Night
  • Light Ghee Diyas in all places of wealth or 'Dhan' and near puja place
  • Place a Mangal Kalash near main doorway and near Puja place
  • Rice and kumkum is used to make a lotus design and Kalash is kept on that
  • Deep and Incense is lighted every where
  • Offer prayers to your accounting budget, office, lockers, purses
  • Use Sindoor to make a Shri Yantra near puja place
  • Start Prayer by praying to Shri Yantra first
  • Pray to Lord Narayan or Vishnu on Deepavali morning
  • Pray to Lord Ganesh
  • Pray to Maha Lakshmi Mata
  • Pray to your Accounts, Books, Pens, Lockers, Safes, Purses and Food storage places
May Ma Lakshmi keep everyone prosperous and over flowing with great wealth
Shubh Deepavali

                             Ganesh Mantra:

                             Lakshmi Mantra

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