Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kushmanda - Navratra day - 4

The fourth swaroop of Ma Durga is Kushmanda. The creation of the entire cosmos or 'Brahmand' is credited to her. She is 'Adi Shakti' or the primordial ancient creative force and power. When there was nothing but darkness all around, she created everything.

Kushmanda is believed to reside in the 'Surya Lok' or in the region of the Sun. Nothing in this entire cosmos is comparable to her power, brightness, and might. She is also known as 'Ashta Bhuja' or one with 8 hands. She has the power to grant her devotees immense power, wealth, and might. She rides a lion.

She blesses her devotees with a Healthy strong body, Long life, Shining Name and Repute, Courage and Power. Along with worldly gains, she also grants boons beyond worldly life.

Durga Maha Mantra:
This  Maha Mantra is devoted to Ma Durga...

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  1. Nice Bhajan.May this navratri bring happiness and Prosperity to all..Happy Navratri..Thanks for sharing.