Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kalratri - Navratra day -7

The seventh swaroop of Ma Durga is Kalratri. She has the face and body of complete darkness. Her hair is scattered and flames flare out from her nostrils. She has 3 round eyes and she rides a donkey. 

  In spite of the fact that Ma Kalratri looks so fierce and frightening, she is extremely kind and auspicious. She is quick to please and grants easily all the hard to achieve boons. She is very gentle to her devotees and very harsh on the enemies. One should not thus fear her but love her completely and seek her blessings.

Ma Kalratri grants her devotees every wish fulfillment, quickly and easily. She destroys all obstacles and enemies that come to harm her devotees. She also destroys all demons, ghosts, destructive and evil forces that come in way. She makes her devotees fearless and confident, to face every problem successfully.

Durga Chalisa:
Durga Chalisa is extremely 'fal dayak' or wish fulfilling account of Ma Durga. One should recite the Chalisa during Durga Puja and seek Ma Durga's blessings.

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