Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Brahmacharini - Navratra day - 2


The second 'swaroop' of Ma Durga is Brahmacharini. Brahmacharini means the one who practices penance. In this form the Goddess holds a 'mala' or rosary in her right hand and a 'kamandal' in her left hand. 

Parvati underwent 'tapasya' or hard penance for thousands of years in order to receive Lord Shiva as her husband. She lived the austere life of Brahmacharini, eating nothing but fruits and vegetation. Soon she gave up that also bearing heat, cold, and rain continuously for thousands more years. 

She is also know as Uma and Aparna. She grants her devotees many blessings and the fulfillment of many desires.

Durga Kavach:
This Durga Kavach is a powerful means of protecting oneself and one's family from every kind of 'sankat' or problems. The Nav-Durga Kavach provides a shield both inside and outside the devotee which gives one power, protection, and the ability to go out each day and be victorious in all endevours. 

The person who recites the Kavach daily is safe in every way and successful in receiving, wealth, Food, Respect, Health, Repute every day. Such a person has the ability to make real and fulfill their every wish. Nothing and no one can harm such a person.

The Durga Kavach is taken from the text 'Durga Saptsati'.

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