Thursday, September 6, 2012

Saptavar - Shukravar Vrat

Saptavar - Weekly Vrat and Pooja:


One can do two types of Vrat on Shukravar or Fridays. One is Santoshi Mata Puja and one is Dhan Lakshmi Puja. Both these Vrats are all wish fulfilling and have immense power to transform a devotee's life from any kind of pain to peace, wealth, success, and happiness.

SANTOSHI MATA: Those who pray to Santoshi Mata, wake up before sunrise and offer their prayers to Mata. Chana and Gur is used for bhog/prasad. One must listen to the Vrat Katha or story. A container filled with water must be kept in front of the Puja place on which one should place the plate with the Bhog/prasad.

After the Katha is over, one must distribute the prasad to all family members. Water in the container must be sprinkled here and there in the house to make every thing 'Shubh' or auspicious with Mata Santoshi's blessings. Rest of the water can be used to water the Tulsi plant. The one who performs the Puja today, fasts the whole day but eats once at night.

No one in the family must touch any thing sour on this day. The food must be cooked carefully as no sour item is allowed in any of the foods. Make sure to check that all sour fruits/vegetables, pickles, and other items are out of the way. When you go out, keep vigilance that no one consumes anything sour. Sour items are completely not allowed today.

Performing the Vrat in this way, it is believed, all one's wishes are fulfilled very quickly.

DHAN LAKSHMI MA: Those who pray to Ma Dhan Lakshmi fast the whole day and eat once in the evening. Ma Lakshmi's puja is done in the evening. One can keep sweets or Kheer/pudding for bhog/prasad. One reads the Vrat Katha today and follows the Ancient Vedic method of doing the puja today.

Ma Dhan Lakshmi blesses her devotees with great wealth and fulfills all their wishes and desires. One can listen to Lakshmi Chalisa, Lakshmi Aarti and Lakshmi Ashtakam today. Ladies should wear Red clothes to please Ma Lakshmi.

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