Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saptavar - Budhvar Vrat

Saptavar - Weekly Vrat and Pooja:
BUDHVAR (Wednesday)

Budhvar or  Wednesday Vrat is done for the fulfillment of all your wishes, for progress in Business endeavor, and for relief from any bad influence of planet Murcury or 'Budh Dev'.

One prays to Kunj Bihari  or Krishna today. One also prays to Lord Shiva today. A fast is observed the whole day and the devotee can eat once in the evening after all puja has been performed and 'Prasad' or 'Bhog'  has been distributed and eaten.
The devotee must get up in the morning and after clean up and Bath, can start the puja. 'Jal' or water and Bel Patra leaves are offered on the Shiva Linga. Then agarbatti or incense is lighted along with Ghee diya, and offered to Shivji. One must listen to the Budhvar Vrat Katha or story and then distribute the 'prasad'.

It is believed that one should not get up in the middle of the Vrat katha and not leave the prayer place  without eating some prasad. One must also try to wear green clothes on Wednesdays. Try also to keep as many prasad and 'bhog samagri' in Green color. The color Green is considered auspicious today.

It is believed that following some  of these rituals will help a devotee in receiving quick and all wish fulfilling blessings  from God.

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