Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pitr Paksh

Pitr Paksha - 30th September 2012
Acknowledging Indebtedness To Our Ancestors


Consider  this - We are all manifestation of our many-many ancestors, who came and went before us from this world. A part of all of them is carried through in us and makes us what we are today. Just like we have our duties towards ourselves, our next generation (our children), we also have duties towards our gone by previous generations (our ancestors or Pitr).

'Pitr' or ancestors and 'Paksha' or the phase of the moon, signifies a period of 15 days in the dark phase of the moon (Krishna Paksha) in the month of Ashwin, which is devoted as a period of thanks-giving to our ancestors. Its a time to pause and think about them. Every ancestor contributed to his/her next generations and their blessings are extremely valuable to us as we live on in this world and do our part to pass on what we have learned and earned to our next generation.

The cycle of life tells us that we are linked together to that which went by before us and to that which will come by after us. 'Tarpan' or water is offered to our ancestors on all the 15 days and one prays for their peace. This puja is for satisfying the departed, for feeling grateful towards them and for seeking their blessings

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