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The Importance of Ekadasi Vrat:

Once the Rishies and Munies gathered together in Nemisaranya. They had come to listen to the discourses on 'Purans' from  the very learned saint Sutji. Sutji had very in-depth knowledge of the Purans. Sutji was also the disciple of the greatest saint Shri Ved Vyasji.

The Rishies asked Sutji to please tell them how people would go through life and reach God in the difficult period of “Kalyug’.

Sutji said to the Rishies – ‘Dear Rishis...One must observe the Ekadasi Vrat to destroy all sins, lead  a 'sukhilife and find God’. 

He explained that there are 12 months in a year and so there are 24 Ekadasis in a year. Sometimes due to more days in a year, 2 more Ekadasis are added. Therefore, in total there are 26 Ekadasis possible in a year. 
One prayes to Lord Vishnu, who is the ‘palan haar’ or one who takes care of us.  He will see us successfully through the ‘Bhav Sagar’ or the ocean of life. Ekadasi is a very ‘pawan’ or holy Vrat. Even the utterance of the 26 Ekadasi has the power of ridding one of all sins.

So Listen carefully: 
   Utpanna       Mokshda       Safla       Putrada       Shat- tila       Jaya       Vijaya       Aamlaki       Paapmochini 
   Kamada     Varuthini      Mohini    Apara     Nirjala         Yogini    Dev-shayani    Kamika 
   Putrada     Aja     Parivartani     Indira    Paap-Ankusha    Rama    Prabodhini or Devathani 
   Padmini   Parma  
Just speaking or listening to the names of these Ekadasis can give you success in all aspects of life as described by these names itself. If you cannot do these Vrats, just  say or listen to these names. You will be blessed

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