Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wise Comparisions vs. Unwise Comparisions

You often end up comparing yourself to others. You can’t help it. But have you seen... When you compare with someone who is in some way less than you, you feel bad for them but are satisfied with yourself. On the other hand when you compare with someone who is better than you, you feel sad or jealous or generally very dissatisfied. Someone who is worse off often gives a boost of confidence to you. You feel grateful and blessed. Whilst someone, who is better off, often lowers your self confidence and drive. You feel unsure and worried.

You’re Human:
What can you do? You’re human. First, it’s important to know that you will compare with others no matter what. It’s natural for it to happen. There is nothing wrong with it. However, in every unique situation your feelings will be swayed by your perception of yourself. In almost everyone’s life, there are areas where you believe your strengths or weaknesses lie. In the same office two employees can feel blessed or dissatisfied. In any given family no two members feel they have been treated alike. Classrooms often see the co-existence of talented-gifted children and children who have to work hard to comprehend their lessons. We have all gone through it.

Learn from it:
Since you can’t do away with comparisons you can learn from it. Positive attitude and positive life perception is key to success. Know that you are a combination of strengths and weaknesses. To feel sad when you see someone doing better than you is useless. Feeling sad or depressed will solve nothing. Instead take the time to look at yourself. What have you been doing wrong? Could you change something in your life or lifestyle to make that positive change manifest in your life too? Maybe you could ask some one to help you out.

A positive step could help usher more successes into your life. That would be beneficial. Comparing in this healthy manner could provide the wakeup call for you to take action and improve your lot also. Similarly, if you see someone who is worse off than you. Rather than feel bad for them see if you could help them in a tactful manner. I say tactful, because that person will have seen that comparatively he or she is worse than you and may be feeling bad already.

Walk away from it:
 There will be times when the comparisons are so far and wide that you really can’t do anything about it. There maybe things you cannot change. Learn to do your best and walk away from it. Never obsess when comparisons become hard to bridge. Also realize that these situations should never be compared anyway. After all you can only compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

There is a saying "God, help me to change all that I can change and help me to accept all that I cannot change. And God, please help me to know the difference when such a situation arrives"

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