Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Ultimate Power for Transforming Life

How many times do you know that you have to do something yet you keep procrastinating and delaying? All the time - right? For example, you know you need to workout, you know you have to start eating healthy, you know you have to clean that closet but you keep putting off the task. Work piles up and you stress and sigh. The answer is very simple - Take action. Just do it. There is no need to think so much about it and there is no need to analyze it so much. You just need to do it.

You are what you do

You make your life by the things you do. The choices you make and the actions you take on those choices. Life is an amalgamation of viewing our choices, decision making, and taking action. With each action you design your life picture.

You are perceived according to your actions

People do not know what you are thinking of or what you want to do. They only hear what you say and see the actions you take. Pretty soon those who are close to you will form their opinions of you not even on what they hear but on seeing the pattern of actions you take. What you do in various life situations will make the man or woman you are.

Results are achieved by taking action

You want to start a business, look for a job, go back to college or start a fitness regimen but don't take the actions required for that endeavor will not get you the results you want. Results need dynamic action and good results need concentrated - focused action.

Life will not change if you do not take action

If you do what you have always done do not accept life to change in any significant way. Change requires taking responsibility and action. Action is that amazing life transforming, life changing magic secret that changes life.

There is a belief that you cannot foresee results, you have no control over it. This often paralyses people into inaction. They think they may do all the work but what if there are no positive outcomes? What if the results are not achieved? Well no one can know for sure. There are no guarantees in life. You need to know that you tried to the best of your abilities. That’s the only control you have over our actions. But then again anyone who ever tried anything to change life did not know what lay ahead. They all just tried.

That’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. The successful ones decided to take action no matter what, while the unsuccessful ones keep thinking what if they met failure. It is actions that form our karma and our life. You will have multiple thoughts in your mind but ultimately it’s what actions you take that will define the person you are.

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