Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Ultimate Power for Transforming Life

How many times do you know that you have to do something yet you keep procrastinating and delaying? All the time - right? For example, you know you need to workout, you know you have to start eating healthy, you know you have to clean that closet but you keep putting off the task. Work piles up and you stress and sigh. The answer is very simple - Take action. Just do it. There is no need to think so much about it and there is no need to analyze it so much. You just need to do it.

Friday, January 13, 2012


A Beautiful Aarti devoted to Ma Lakshmi

Ma Lakshmi Emerges

Lakshmi Emerges

Ma Lakshmi
How Lakshmi came in this world
Why was the ocean churned:
According to Hindu mythology, once upon a time the fights between Gods and demons became extremely frequent. The Gods decided to procure the elixir or ambrosia or "amrit" from the depth of the ocean.
They wanted to gain immortality and overpower the evil demons for good. They realized they had undertaken a tough job. Neither the gods by themselves nor the demons by themselves could accomplish this task. The Gods decided to lure the demons to help them in this mighty task but make sure that none of the potion was drunk by the demons.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ma Lakshmi Blog

Ma Lakshmi

Invite more money, income, riches and abundance in your life
Ma Lakshmi

This site is devoted to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. Ma Lakshmi or Mother Lakshmi is the giver of wealth and prosperity. She not only bestows riches like money and good fortune on you but anything else you may consider important for a well endowed abundant life, like vehicles, food, home, children, love, courage, confidence etc.